Reduce costs, Improve processes, and Ease Your Impact on the Environment

1st Class Operating Engineer - Utilities Consultant

Energy Savings, Safety, and Business Justifications

What I Offer

I offer site walk downs to find efficiency gains and site improvement projects. I will come to your site, learn your systems/processes, and then offer a list of suggested projects/improvements to save on your utility costs and/or improve your processes.

Once I have preformed a walk down of the site and gathered information. I will present a list of possible project options. From there I can also help write up detailed business justifications for any projects you wish to pursue or help fill out any internal paperwork.

About Me

I am a First Class Operating Engineer with over 15 years of expertise working in utility plants. Over the passed few years as a Chief Operating Engineer I have researched and executed several cost savings and improvement projects that have saved the companies I have worked for many tens of thousands of dollars per year in savings. These projects include simple steam trap replacement/maintenance projects, water conservations efforts, and a larger burner management upgrade project that saved 5% per year on our gas bill.

I have worked in several plants and have been suprised to see the same sort of opportunities being missed at many plants. Let me come and look at your plant to see if you are missing the same opportunities. Potentional savings are wasted each day you delay.

Contact Me

Curtis Carriere
Cell Phone: 519 771 6678
Email: CuCa900@hotmail.com
Based near Kingston Ontario
Servicing all of South Western Ontario